What Is An "Appnotist"?


  1. A person skilled in the theory of building rad, mesmerizing web apps and websites.
  2. A person skilled in the theory of creating bad puns, who also manages to build rad, mesmerizing web apps and websites in between suboptimal punning.
  3. A person who builds nice-looking websites and also makes ill-advised, pun-based domain name purchases and decides that instead of treating it as a sunk cost and walking away, says to herself, "You know what? I'm going to build my entire career around this ridiculous schtick. At least it's...memorable? I guess? Man, I really should have gone with 'Apptometrist.'"
Origin of appnotist

App + hypnotist = appnotist

Who Is This "Appnotist" Character?

Hi, I'm Sally. I do web stuff.

What I Can Do


Skill Expertise
CSS Expert
HTML Expert
Sass Intermediate
Skill Expertise
MongoDB Novice
SQL Intermediate
Skill Expertise
C# Intermediate
JavaScript Intermediate
PHP Novice-Intermediate
Skill Expertise
ASP.NET MVC Intermediate
CSS/HTML/JS Frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap) Intermediate-Expert
Git Intermediate
Node.js Novice
Responsive design Intermediate-Expert
Umbraco CMS Intermediate
WordPress Intermediate
WordPress Custom Theming Intermediate

How I Got Here


Relevant Work

    • Implemented the Google Web Speech API and built out the user account pages on the Cognitopia website using the Meteor platform and GitHub for version control.
    • Performed needs analyses and selected Umbraco CMS for building new, more responsive, and more easily-maintained intoCareers portal pages.
    • Configured and coded an ASP.NET MVC 5 Umbraco CMS project for the new intoCareers portal pages.
    • Refined and deployed the new Umbraco intoCareers portal sites.
    • Transformed the portal sites from unwieldy, unresponsive static HTML pages with a dated aesthetic into fully-responsive, dynamic, Umbraco CMS-managed sites with an updated look.
    • Scrapped the bloated legacy CSS in favor of CSS generated from Sass.
    • Built a NodeJS project to consume the PowerSchool API in preparation for integrating the API into intoCareers products.
    • Added features and squashed bugs for client projects (e.g. OutdoorIndustryJobs.com).